How to interpret the actions of others?

Working on self-development is a requirement for a more satisfying and less resentful life. Learn how to interpret the actions of others in a way that does not negatively affect you, as our reactions to the actions of others depend on our interpretation of those actions and how we respond to them.

If someone does something that bothers us, our reaction will be based on our interpretation of that action and our relationship with the person involved. If we trust the person and believe that their action was not intentional, we are likely to be more forgiving and merciful, and we may easily overlook the matter. On the contrary, if we are unsure of the person’s intentions, we are likely to feel anger and frustration and take different actions. Therefore, be cautious in how you interpret the actions of others, as it plays a significant role in determining your satisfaction and resentment.

Dr. Fawaz Al Eifan.

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